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Welcome to a new journey in iron.

Posted by bighornforge on December 28, 2007

This is indeed going to be a journey.  It will be interesting even to me as to where this dialogue leads me as the moderator, as well as you, the reader.  It is my initial hope to get you better acquanted with ironwork, with my work, and to some extent, what drives me to do what it is I do in the realm of ironwork, and the peripheral goings on in the life a blacksmith.

 As if I don’t have enough to do already… dear wife will “thrill” in that I have begun yet another endeavor.

 Today is merely a day to set this blog into motion, to customize it, and ponder its future.  I have nothing more to add, and so I bid you farewell, and thank you for visiting.

…..Dan Nauman

3 Responses to “Welcome to a new journey in iron.”

  1. Dave Koenig said


    This blog is a real inspiration…to anyone…blacksmith, hobbyist, admirer and practitioner of art and craft and the person who has even the slightest curiosity about this world.

    Dave Koenig



    I added an invite to those visiting the Controlled Hand Forging page on to come by here.

    Keep up the great work.

    Paul Boulay

    • bighornforge said

      Thanks Paul……..This blog is designed to be a resource for all, and the more folks that know about it, the more folks there will be that can access the information.


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